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Love That Dirty Water

b0st0wned! A Boston Community
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Welcome to Bostowned!

The Bostowned Community is for people who call Boston their home.
It's a place where you can talk about just about anything you'd
like within reason. It's not a place for the more sensitive LJ
user, however, as this community will only be loosely moderated.

Boston can be rough at times.
Sometimes it's cold, lonely, rude, funny, drunk, overexcited, or sarcastic.
Don't expect anything less from the real Bostonians in this community.

Posts that are not Boston specific are fine but quizzes, spam,
and advertising will result in glorified violence.

What is not allowed in this community:

* Posts that are obviously personal in nature (unless it's wicked funny.)
* Posts attacking members of the community (unless it's really wicked funny.)
* Advertisements for pay websites

As a courtesy please try to use lj-cut tags for long posts.